Diaconate Ministry Print

Diaconate Ministry mission is to give direction to the life and ministry of the church toward the accomplishment of the church’s mission as stated by Jesus Christ.  To plan and provide for the enrichment of the quality of fellowship within the church family, thereby enhancing the opportunities for spiritual growth and development and opening the way for the ready assimilation of new persons into the church fellowship.

The Sheepfold Team is comprised and lead by the Diaconate Ministry.  Our membership is divided and assigned to a Deacon and/or Deaconess.  The Sheepfold Team’s objective is to develop a relationship with family members helping them to reach their God given potentials; and to keep members in touch with one another; to offer support and empathy in times of crisis.  It is the hope that fellow believers will get to know and to minister to each other’s need in this small setting.  Each Sheepfold Team will contact their assigned families and get acquainted with each other, acknowledging special events and help the Diaconate to minister in the times of sickness or death.   


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